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Work Packages

ReMFra project | Recovering metals and mineral fraction from steelmaking residues

The eight packages

The ReMFra project is devided into 8 work packages to achieve the pinned up goals.


All the activities during the project will be supported by the project coordinator in WP1, in which the consortium will provide the required tools, an administrative, financial and technical management to ensure project development.


In WP2, the consortium will classify the residue and a preliminary analysis on the requirements of feed material of both processes will be carried out.


The pre-treatment process required will be defined in WP3, based on previous activities, with engineering and plant design.


Once the overall process is defined, the industrial demonstration solution purchasing, erection, and commissioning, can be carried out in WP4.


The demonstration campaigns for Plasma Reactor and RecoDust use cases will take place in WP5, together with the analyses of other industrial partners residues and several operative conditions.


All the information and results of the previous WPs will be gathered and analysed in WP6, in which the KPIs of the project will be updated regularly.


WP7 will be devoted to deliver all the assessment, such as LCA LCC and EHS analysis.


Finally, Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication (DEC) activities will be developed in WP8, ensuring to reach the widest possible audience, and identifying the most appropriate paths to maximize the impacts.